Presentation by Head of Planning Services at Wyre Council




Villagers are invited to attend a meeting in Stalmine at which David Thow, the head of planning services at Wyre Council, has agreed to speak.

Mr Thow is to give a presentation at Stalmine Parish Councilís next meeting on Tuesday 13 March at 7.00pm at the Village Hall, Smithy Lane, Stalmine. The presentation will last up to 30 minutes and will be followed by a question and answer session of the same maximum duration.

The presentation is to explain the parish councilís role with regard to the growing demand for more housing and the procedures it has to follow when commenting on applications, which are decided by Wyre Council.

Mr Thow has been invited to speak because the parish council continues to have concerns about the impact of current and planned developments on the village and its infrastructure.

Please note that questions to Mr Thow must be notified in advance and only these questions will be answered at the meeting. In addition, please note that Mr Thow will not comment on the merits or otherwise of specific planning applications.

If you wish to submit a question for Mr Thow, please send it to Alison May, the clerk to the parish council, by Wednesday 7 March.



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