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At this month's meeting the council was addressed by representatives from the Legend Fires North West Stage 2019 car rally. The organisers have been working on the Stalmine stage with Lancashire County Council, Wyre Borough Council and as of 14 August Stalmine-with-Staynall Parish Council. The organisers have contacted all those residents living along the proposed route of the rally, with councillors having been informed that the organisers have received a favourable response to it going ahead. The council would like to bring the proposed rally to the attention of all residents within Stalmine-with-Staynall.


Part of the rally currently being organised is planned to take place in Stalmine-with-Staynall in March next year with an estimated 120 vehicles being involved.


This year's event can take place on public roads after legislative changes last year. These allow public authorities to close public roads for motorsport. In previous years timed stages have been held on private roads across the Fylde coast. 


It is planned that public roads will be officially closed for the Stalmine timed stage of the rally on Saturday, March 23.


It is intended that the roads will shut for 12 hours overall. This will cover three sessions lasting about two hours each. Access for residents will be allowed between the three sessions.


The roads affected in the parish of Stalmine-with-Staynall will be Grange Lane, Highgate Lane, Burrows Lane, Wardley Lane, New Road and part of Brickhouse Lane.


Rally cars will be timed through at intervals of either 30 seconds or a minute. Multiple marshals will be on hand, along with an ambulance and paramedic, and strict guidelines will be followed. The event is fully insured by the organisers.


The event is governed by the Motor Sports Association (MSA), which is the UK Governing Body for 4 wheeled motorsport. The MSA has also contacted Stalmine- with-Staynall Parish Council to obtain its views on the event proceeding. The council has to respond by Friday 7 September at the latest.


Given the response to date from residents directly impacted by the event and the information provided by the organisers the council has no objections to the event.


If, having read the information provided by the organisers, anyone has any strong objections they should contact the clerk or any of the councillors. Detailed/technical information can only be provided by the organisers. Anyone needing more information should see the following websites:


Motor Sports North West information:


MSA Information: & 


A booklet with full details of the event will be compiled for residents by the organisers approximately three weeks prior to the event.


Cllr D Forshaw (Chairman)  tel: 07585 335201; Cllr Terry Williams (Vice-Chairman), tel: 01253 702734;

Cllr D Booth, tel: 01253 701711; Cllr A Haydock, tel: 07879 477779; Cllr Ken Jenkinson,  tel: 07890 773053

and Cllr Sue Pelham, tel: 01253 700750.

Clerk by email:, by phone on 07880 657761 or through the website


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