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MARCH 2019
Loose tiles scam

Beware bogus builders in the Accrington
area. In one instance the builders cold
called and offered to fix a loose roof tile.
They then fraudulently claimed thousands
of pounds of repair work needed doing to
the roof, the householders withdrew the
money from the bank and handed it to the
traders who took the money and did not
return. Two red vans with writing on the
side were reported in the vicinity at the

Callers offering to buy
antiques, watches, military
items etc

Reports are being received from the
Ormskirk area, households targeted with a
leaflet asking for valuable items, with a
follow up visit the next day. Be cautious as
to who you let into your house. Past
reports of similar sellers have raised issues
of pushy selling and low valuations. If you
are interested in selling items of value,
always shop around, speak to local
jewellers and antique dealers.

Problem with your drains?

A spate of calls have been received about
drain services. Good advice is to take a
little bit of time to do your research before
contracting with a trader. Even if the work
is urgent, shop around, make sure the price
you are quoted is reasonable.

You are responsible for the pipes, gutters
and drains in and around your home,
including the drains from your property up
to your boundary, unless it is a shared drain
where several neighboring properties
drains meet together before they join the
public sewer. If in doubt, check with United
Utilities on 0345 6723723.
Make sure you check what is covered by
any insurance policies you have.

Pushy Jet washing services

Persistent cold callers offering to jet wash/
steam clean driveways have been reported
in the Preston area. One resident said no,
but the trader revisited the next day and
after pushy selling, the vulnerable
householder agreed.

Beware Wine Investment

A recent query received by the Service,
where a Lancashire resident lost large
amounts of money, has highlighted that
wine investment schemes, whilst not illegal,
are not regulated by the Financial Conduct
Authority and hence complaints are not
covered by the Financial Services
Ombudsman. Such schemes are very
much a matter of buyer beware.

Trading Standards advice is to always
say no to cold callers. The Safetrader
scheme can help you find a trader in
your area, contact 0303 333 1111 or go

Contact the Trading Standards Service
via the Citizens Advice Consumer
Helpline on 03454 04 05 06


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