Trading Standards information

February 2019

Scammers claiming unpaid
debt for roofing work
A tarmac company using a white tipper
truck has recently targeted vulnerable
residents in the Chorley area claiming to be
a Lancashire County Council contractor
and stating that they were about to do a
tarmac job on the next road, filling pot
holes, but that it had been cancelled due to
the weather. The residents lived on an
unadopted road and they agreed to the
unwanted tarmac being tipped onto their
road but were then landed with an
undiscussed 5000 invoice, payable that
A similar story has recently been received
about tarmaccers approaching schools
claiming to be working for the council and
implying the work would be free when it
was not.

Beware flyers for property
Be cautious about responding to flyers, use
local, known traders, get a range of quotes.
A Lancashire resident recently contacted a
trader via a flyer, was visited, and on advice
from the trader as to what needed doing,
agreed a price of 1500 for what turned out
to be a very minor repair. The trader
refused a cheque, insisted on cash, and
became aggressive, threatening to pour tar
over the driveway.

Trading Standards advice is to always
say no to cold callers. The Safetrader
scheme can help you find a trader in
your area, contact 0303 333 1111 or go

Cold callers offering to buy
antiques, watches, military
items etc
Reports have been received that
householders in the Ribble Valley area are
receiving leaflets through their doors asking
if they are interested in selling possibly
valuable items. The leaflet states the caller
will return the next day.
Trading Standards advice is to say no to
cold callers. Be cautious as to who you let
into your house. Past reports of similar
sellers have raised issues of pushy selling
and low valuations. If you are interested in
selling items of value, always shop around,
speak to local jewellers and antique

HMRC scam phone call
Householders are reporting receiving
telephone calls from a 0161 claiming to be
from Working Pensions. The recipients are
asked to press 1, when they do this the
message asks for all of the consumers'
details, National Insurance number, full
name and date of birth. The 0161 number
has previously been associated with HMRC
scams.Residents are warned that HMRC
do not make cold calls requesting personal
details and these calls are scams.
Contact the Trading Standards Service
via the Citizens Advice Consumer
Helpline on 03454 04 05 06


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